Innovative protection and increased bearing life

Protection and increasing the service life of bearings are one of the most important technical problems of engineering in all sectors of the economy.

The main factors that significantly reduce the service life of bearing units are abrasive particles and moisture.

Abrasive substances, in fact, are emery inside a rolling bearing, taking into account, for example, the speed of rotation of industrial equipment such as electric motors.

Practice has shown that 1% of anthracite fine powder in the lubricant leads to an increase in the wear rate of gearbox parts by 2-3 times and 2% of sandstone dust-by 30 times. (Tregubov M. et al. Repair of mining and processing equipment. M., Nedra, 1978, p. 58). All this applies equally to bearing assemblies. So the equipment that should function for 12 months can fail after 12 days.

Some of the bearings produced by bearing plants are equipped with safety washers and seals, but unfortunately, their range is limited.

The Uzbek company " FAN "has developed an innovative technology for the protection of rolling bearings with composite antifriction fillers "Lisa". This technology provides protection of rolling bearings and is applicable for all sizes and series. The development is patented in Uzbekistan and recognized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva).

In its protective functions, the Lisa material is much more effective than the protective functions of washers and seals used in standard bearings, since this material is located in the bearing and acts as a labyrinth seal. As you know, labyrinth seals are the most effective protection for bearing assemblies. This effective seal is created directly in the free space of the rolling bearing, whereas conventional labyrinth seals are located in front of the bearing block, and the manufacturing process is labor-intensive. Conventional bearings often do not imply the installation of additional labyrinth seals.

The peculiarity of this development is that first the bearing parts are lubricated, then a direct operation is carried out to protect the bearing with Lisa material. During the further operation of the bearing, if necessary, additional lubrication can be performed, while maintaining the tightness of the bearing.

In this development, each ball (roller) and the bearing raceways are protected by an anti-friction material. The gap between the Lisa material and the bearing parts is 0.1-0.3 mm (also adjustable) and is maintained throughout the entire inner surface of the bearing, ensuring high tightness of its internal cavities.

The composition of LISA includes carbon components graphite and soot. Metal surfaces in contact with the carbon filler eventually form a mirror-smooth surface, to which lubricants are attracted 7 to 10 times better than to ordinary metal surfaces. Therefore, bearings treated with this innovative material are much less exposed to oil starvation, which naturally leads to a significant increase in their service life.

The Liza material rests on the bearing cage and rotates with it. The rotation of the material creates an effective centrifugal force that rejects any abrasive particles and aggressive media that seek to penetrate the bearing. It should also be noted that the centrifugal force appears regardless of whether the shaft or the outer ring of the bearing is rotating. In standard bearings, there is no centrifugal force when the shaft rotates.

This innovative technology makes it possible to significantly increase the durability and reliability of bearing units of equipment that experience negative effects of aggressive environments. The development makes it possible to protect rolling bearings that are lubricated with mineral or synthetic oils. Abrasive particles entering the oil bath will also recline from the bearing cavity, it will only be necessary to change the oil more often, this is confirmed by practical tests at the pumps of the Almalyk MMC zinc plant.

The effectiveness of the LIZA material has been repeatedly proven by acts of industrial tests and implementations at large production enterprises of Uzbekistan, including the Navoi and Almalyk mining and Metallurgical plants, JSC "Akhangaranshifer", the Uzbek Combine of Refractory and Heat-resistant Metals, JSC" Kuvasaycement", PO" Ammophos", the Navoi Construction Department and JSC"Akhangarantcement".

The service life of rolling bearings with LISA material in the friction units of various equipment of the designated companies has increased from 1.5 to 7 times. The total benefits from the use of LIZA material on the conveyor belt alone (length-10 km, width of the belt-2000 mm, 60,000 bearings 310) of the Navoi MMC, calculated by the plant's professionals, is 5 billion. sum (2 million US dollars).

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